We devised Geopursuit, a seriously tricky eight week Google Earth based adventure game. Each week, registered players would receive an sms or email with a clue to a location on Google Earth. Once cracked, the clue would reveal a location specific Shell innovation presentation and a reward code. Although only eight UK universities were targeted, thousands of students at 170 institutions in 22 countries took part.


Hundreds of forum entries and a couple of Facebook pages later, the fastest player to get all eight reward codes won £10,000.

We were responsible for Porsche’s press advertising for several years, including their Panamera and Hybrid launches.


Occasionally, we brought a key selling point to life online, like these Panamera Diesel banners, which showed not only how far drivers could travel on a single tank, but also where the best drives were to enjoy enroute.

Eleven years. That’s how long it takes to build an award-winning digital creative team.


Since 2003, we’ve been a team who care as much about a great copy line as we do about new ways to play with HTML 5 and ActionScript.


Getting genuine standout among your competitors is always a challenge, especially in the financial sector.


 iShares wanted to make a real statement at their trade shows, something that would also generate interest and spread the word about how accurately their products track and react to the markets.


 We created an index tracking game, utilising the new Microsoft Kinect interface. Players ‘register’ by standing in front of the Kinect camera, then ‘fly’ a ball down the ever-changing market index, scoring points for keeping it on track for as long as possible.


 The game was a huge success, appearing at shows across the world and collecting several awards along the way.

We always seem to be hired for different reasons.

Enhancing an established digital department perhaps, sometimes it's dragging an agency's digital offering into the 21st century. Occasionally it's because they like us and our work.

Wherever we go, we're always motivated by working with likeminded people, on brands large and small, for pitches and current clients.


For this exclusive series of DeBeers diamonds, we brought the more fantastical fairytale side of ‘getting engaged’ to life.


It’s a virtual ‘enchanted forest’ where visitors could explore and admire the Forevermark diamonds and jewellery in fully rendered 3D majesty.

How many Mariachi can you fit into the new MINI Countryman?


It’s a question that has baffled the finest minds at MINI for several years. So we decided to find out.


These are recruitment ads for a very specific type of person. They ran as banners on sites like economist.com and FT.com. There were no obvious contact details, so people had to read to read on to find out who they were for.

The 07:15 to Paddington is a train with a difference. Every Friday, for about 20 mins, it becomes NatWest’s busiest branch. With thousands of pounds sent and sorted via their very smart Mobile Banking App, it’s a great way to show how different people use the App in different ways.


So that’s what we did.

‘Unleash your Mojo’ is the Virgin Holidays battle cry. Discovering and celebrating you at your very best.


This sentiment needed to permeate every part of Virgin Holidays. From their TV and social, to the staff online hub.

This homepage concept allowed visitors to browse and explore hotel and holiday options using imagery rather than the usual globe or dropdown menus.


Which made for a more emotive decision, and hopefully a different Four Seasons experience.


The constantly shifting grid was also concepted to include imagery and content taken at the network of resorts around the world, by guests and staff alike.