NatWest Mobile banking

The magic of the app campaign

A young daughter thinks her mum’s ‘magic’ and the mum feels like a secret agent, all thanks to NatWest’s Mobile Banking app.

 To pursued NatWest customers to adopt the app to do their banking, we created a central thought – the app’s so easy, you appear ‘magic’
when you use it.

 As well as the TV and online spots, the ‘so easy, it’s magic’ concept appeared in press, online and outdoor as Tap, Tap, Swipe.

TV Spot


My Mum’s Magic – Paying for karate, making money appear without a card - A young girl thinks her mum’s ability to juggle her busy life is because she’s ‘magic’. In fact, it’s all down to the app. (TVC script by Curtis Brittles and Will Bates).



Operation Tap Tap Swipe – Can busy young mum Julie complete three tricky missions in a day, without blowing her cover? Using just her smartphone and the app?

Tap Tap Swipe Waterloo Motion.


Waterloo Motion 40m screen – We created a bespoke Tap Tap Swipe animation, showing Julie sorting her banking while strolling to Waterloo. Easy as Tap, Tap, Swipe.


Tap Tap Swipe out of home

Tap Tap Swipe press

Tap Tap Swipe – difference between online banking and the app? The app’s as easy as Tap, Tap Swipe.





Rich and standard banners – from Operation Tap Tap Swipe trailers, and quick app demos, to Tap Tap Swipe animations, the banners demonstrated the different ways the app makes life easy.


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